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Client Council General Practitioner and Care installed

Since the beginning of September, the client council of General Practitioner and Care has been active. The members will contribute ideas to the drafting of the policy and advise the management from the client’s perspective.

The client council provides solicited and unsolicited advice on all kinds of HenZ plans that concern patients. These plans can concern both care at the out-of-hours GP service and chronic care in GP practices.

What does the client council do?

It is the task of the client council to put forward the wishes, opinions and ideas of patients. The main focus will be on patient safety, accessibility and good quality of care. The client council is really there for the common interest of all clients. So it’s not about the situation of one patient.

Who make up HenZ’s client council?

HenZ’s client council currently consists of five independent members. So no one works at HenZ.
The members of the client council are:

  • Bert van der Lee
    “I am an active retiree with an affinity for healthcare. For example, in addition to being chairman of this client council, I am also enthusiastic chairman of the board of the Hospice in Gorinchem. I also bring a lot of experience as a school administrator. Topics and themes that appeal to me are the developments of the Spoedplein, the services and transition of the GP practices and the problems surrounding finding new enthusiastic GPs. With our input as representatives of the residents in the region, we can contribute to the further optimization of the organization of General Practitioner and Care. I’m going to be happy to dedicate myself to that.”

  • Edith van Duijn
    “I didn’t hesitate long to become a member of the client council of General Practitioner and Care. I like to work for and with people. In addition, I can contribute to a new participation body to be set up that focuses on the input of clients. My extensive managerial experience comes in handy here. As a team, we will work to maintain and, if possible, improve GP care in the region. A listening ear is essential!”

  • Charlotte van Iperen
    “It is with great pleasure that I take on the challenge of dedicating myself to the client council of General Practitioner and Care. I expect my medical background and experience as a supervisor in healthcare to come in handy. By contributing the perspective of the user of primary care, HenZ can further improve the organization and care in the region. In particular, the continuity of care, such as practice follow-up, accessibility and accessibility of care, are important themes to think about.”

  • Hartog Meijler
    “I’ve had my own optics for 45 years. Listening has always been the guiding principle for me in my clients’ requests for help. In addition, as an entrepreneur, I am used to recognizing problems and acting on them. With that experience and from my background as an optometrist and contact lens specialist, I think I can make a valuable contribution to the client council. Our approach is that we want to be easily accessible to the residents of the region. That starts with informing and communicating. I’m going to do my best for that.”

  • Karin Vuurens-van Garderen
    “I have experienced a lot in healthcare myself and know from my own experience where possible areas for improvement lie. Through my commitment to the client council, I would like to contribute to the quality of care and optimize the contact between GP and patient. I am particularly interested in the new online communication options. It makes healthcare more easily accessible, especially for people who are less mobile.”

Contact Details

Patients who have a question or input for the client council can pass this on via

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