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Entrance to the Gorinchem GP Post

Huisartsenpost Gorinchem drives 100 percent electric

Since May 2022, the Huisartsenpost Gorinchem has been the proud owner of two bright yellow electric Volkswagen ID4s. This makes us one of the first GP posts in the Netherlands to drive visits with fully electric GP cars.

The Mobile Medical Assistants (MMAs) are the drivers of the new cars. They bring the GPs quickly and safely to patients in the region in the evening, night and weekend hours. The drivers have medical knowledge and assist during (emergency) visits. For this purpose, the new GP cars are also equipped with special functions. They are equipped with a second battery for the necessary equipment. There is measuring and diagnostic equipment on board and the car has a storage and cooling facility for medication. From the car, the MMA can also make direct contact with the C2000 control room with the walkie-talkie.

It was an obvious choice for GP and Care to switch to electric cars. “The Volkswagen ID4 is a very suitable car to bring our GPs safely to the patient, while also contributing to the climate goals.” Two electric charging stations have been installed at the entrance of the Gorinchem GP post. This allows the cars to charge between visits and is always ready to go.

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