Life threatening situation? Always call 112

Why do I need to call first?

Especially in case of urgent complaints, it is important that you get the right medical help quickly. We can quickly determine what is needed for you by phone. If you call the Gorinchem GP Post, you will get a triage nurse on the line. She will ask you questions and determine the urgency of your medical problem together with you.

It is not always necessary for you to come to the Gorinchem GP post. Perhaps advice from the triage nurse or the GP over the phone will help you sufficiently. During the phone call, the triage nurse can also assess whether you need priority assistance. Only by planning well can we prevent you from having to wait a long time when visiting the out-of-hours GP service.

Before you call, you can also go through the self-triage on our website. You will decide within 1 minute whether you need to go to the doctor.
This way you can see whether it is necessary to call or whether it might be better to go to your own GP the next day.